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Restoring Active Blanket Bog of European Importance in the North of Scotland


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Active blanket bog is a priority habitat and in 1999, the UK Biodiversity Group published an action plan for the habitat.

The key objectives of the UK Biodiversity Action Plan for active blanket bogs are:

  • Maintain the current extent and overall distribution of blanket mire in favourable condition;
  • Improve the condition of those areas of blanket mire which are degraded but readily restored, so that the total area in, or approaching, favourable condition by 2005 is 340,000 ha;
  • Introduce management regimes to improve to, and subsequently maintain in, favourable condition a further 280,000 ha of degraded blanket mire by 2010.
  • Introduce management regimes to improve the condition of a further 225,000 ha of degraded blanket mire by 2015, resulting in a total of 845,000 ha in, or approaching, favourable condition.

For further information, please see the action plan at:


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