LIFE Peatlands Project
Peatland water pools

Restoring Active Blanket Peat Bog of European Importance in the North of Scotland

EU LIFE Programme & Projects

The EU LIFE Nature Programme provides funding to European Union countries to promote sustainable development and assist in developing positive management for key habitats and birds. In practice, it must contribute to the implementation of the “Birds” and “Habitats” EC Directive. In addition to the LIFE Peatlands Project there are a further three Projects in Scotland which were approved in 2001.

Under the EC Birds Directive, Member States are required to take special measures to conserve the habitats of certain rare species of birds and regularly occurring migratory birds. In particular, each Member State is required to classify the most suitable areas of such habitats as Special Protection Areas (SPAs).

The EC Habitats Directive further obliges Member States to protect areas that support certain natural habitats or species of plants or animals (other than birds) listed in the Directive as Special Areas of Conservation. Together the SPAs and SACs will create a network of protected areas across the European Union known as Natura 2000. The term Natura 2000 came from the 1992 EC Habitats Directive and symbolises the conservation of precious natural resources for the year 2000 and beyond.

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Natura 2000

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